Coaching Points to Create a Heroic Post

A few things to keep in mind when writing articles for the TrainHeroic blog.

1. Be You.

Our readers don’t want to spend their days flipping through scientific journals, so don’t try to sound like you’re writing for one (unless that just who you are). Allow your personality to shine through in what you write. Would you use that vocab when discussing this topic with a friend? If not, then maybe it should be in your piece either.

2. This isn’t a novel.

If your post has gone well over 1,000 words, maybe it’s time to consider split it into two separate posts. Very often when we get caught up in writing we forget how much we’ve actually written. Go back through your work and make sure that there are no digressions, unnecessary points, or random tangents that you’ve broken off on. If the tangent is long enough, maybe turn it into a second post!

3. Proofread.

Re-read your work. Many of us have a hard time editing our own writing but make sure you always read through it 2-3 times after it’s complete to check for repeated words, basic grammar mistakes, and punctuation error.

4. You’re the expert.

When writing your thoughts on a topic never use “I think” or “I believe”. Our readers trust us to be the subject matter experts so if you get your submission published onto the site, they already know that this is what you think/believe!

5. You eat with your eyes first.

People will scroll through your article before they actually start reading it. Also make sure that your formatting is attractive. We’re not saying that everything should be in digestible list format, but make sure that readers can easily navigate through your post to pull out the key information. Different Heading settings, Block Quotes, and new paragraphs are all tools to help you master this.

7. Site/Link your sources!

If you mentioned statistics, a previous study, or quote someone always make sure to site where you got it from and even through a hyperlink in there to the original source (if it’s online). Link sharing is the ultimate kudos for online publications so make sure you’re sharing the love when referencing their content.

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