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See Progress Everyday

Training cycles can get monotonous and it’s often hard to see how far you’ve come since you started.  With TrainHeroic, you’ll immediately see your gains and progress toward your goals.

Tracking a workout in our system takes seconds.  In an instant, see how you stack up against peers and rivals on our leaderboard.  With a click, monitor real-time performance gains and analyze your stats and results.

Put in the work and watch your PR’s soar.

Stay Motivated

It takes commitment to grind through a training program, break through plateaus, and remain motivated. It’s a test of character and will, and staying engaged is often the greatest challenge.

When the going gets tough, there are times when you might need encouragement from your coach, teammate, or training partner. TrainHeroic is there to push you forward, holding you accountable to your goals.

TrainHeroic scores every workout and after you’ve “left it all on the floor,” your results are posted on a leaderboard, telling you how you stack up against teammates and other athletes on a team or even national basis.

The Programs You Need

With hundreds of programs from the industry’s top coaches now available in TrainHeroic’s Marketplace, you’ll find a perfect training plan for your needs.

Whether your goals are based in strength, speed, endurance, or mobility, TrainHeroic has your perfect program.

Benefits you deserve.


Find the best programs from the best coaches, all in one place


Get a grip on your training with our comprehensive calendar view


Become a student of the game. Watch instructional vids from our experts


Dial-in your training + inspect your gains with our performance charts


Stack up to the competition every day on daily + benchmark leaderboards


Show off PR's + progress for all to see on your personal athlete profile


Get perspective + stay motivated viewing peer + rival athletes


Log workouts in less than 10 seconds! Bye, bye training notebook


Access your training anytime + anywhere. Take your coach on the go


Post questions, get feedback + stay connected in the Activity Feed


Post videos + share your training to get feedback from the community


Browse programs + clubs coached by the top names in the industry

It all starts with an expert program and a simple click...