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Step 1 – Browse Organizations and Teams

The Marketplace is filled with Organizations and the Teams they manage. Each Team is like its own virtual gym. Teams have their own training schedules, expert coaches, daily instructions, and vibrant communities to keep you accountable and on pace to your goals.

The only difference between Teams in the Marketplace and your favorite gym, is that these Teams go with you anywhere and are accessible right from the phone in your pocket.

Goodbye excuses, hello results.

Browse Teams by sport type, ability level, or search for your favorite coaches and brands.

Browse the Marketplace

Step 2 – Sign Up

So you’ve found that perfect team, the one that fits you better than your favorite pair of Levis, and you’re foaming at the mouth like you just downed a tub of unwatered pre-workout—it’s time to get started.

It’s a good thing signing up for Team training in the Marketplace is a snap.  No wait periods or maximum capacities in these virtual gyms. Simply join a Team and instantly access your training from any mobile device or desktop.

Keep in touch with your coach, find videos and points of performance to guide your movements, and stay connected to your Team at the convenience of your own schedule.

Srrrrsly…go there

Step 3 – Train Everyday

Teams in the TrainHeroic Marketplace are the performance equivalent of a Swiss Army knife: they’ve got all the tools you need to get the job done.

With a battalion of training partners pulling for you, an expert coach delivering daily programming tailored to your goals, and immediate feedback in the form of seamless progress tracking, you’re strapped to the teeth with tools to ignite your performance.

As Dan John says, “Show up. Don’t quit. Ask questions.” Do that with Teams in the TrainHeroic Marketplace and the results are guaranteed.

Come on…make a great life choice