Expert Contributor Program

TrainHeroic is seeking partnerships with leading Strength and Conditioning Coaches to join our Expert Contributor Program. 

We believe that strength and conditioning coaches have an enormous impact on the development of young athletes.

As an Expert Contributor you’ll work closely with our Editorial Team to craft unique, bold and inspiring content that helps other coaches and athletes accomplish their goals.

We publish a variety of content on a regular basis including articles, podcasts, ebooks, webinars and videos, so regardless of your style of communication or commitment level, we have the platform to help support your growth in the online space.

You know that coaching doesn’t end the minute you leave the gym. Help us connect with more coaches and impact more athletes by contributing to the TrainHeroic blog.


  • Dan John, Author and Strength Coach
  • Mike Roberston, Robertson Training Systems
  • Zach Even-Esh, Underground Strength Gym
  • Dave Spitz, Cal Strength
  • John Welbourn, Power Athlete
  • Tommy Moffitt, Head S/C Coach at LSU
  • Ron McKeefery, Head S/C Coach at EMU


  • Strength and Conditioning Coaches from private facilities, professional teams, top colleges, elite high schools and who want to build their online presence.
  • CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and Gymnastics coaches who can bring a unique perspective to the strength and conditioning world.
  • Sport coaches or position coaches from professional teams, top colleges and elite high schools who want to share their love of the coaching with others.
  • Sport psychologists who want to share their insights on the psychological side of athletic development.
  • Physical therapists, sports physiologists and athletic trainers who work with high school, collegiate or professional teams.
  • Sports nutritionists and nutrition experts who can make complex nutrition topics approachable for our audience.
  • Elite or professional level athletes who want to share their unique experience and journey to high levels of success.


Be the expert. Solidify yourself as an expert in your niche by sharing your unique methods, techniques and philosophies.

Build your business and your following. Expand your reach by publishing to our monthly audience of more than 20,000 unique visitors. Each article you submit will link back to your social media outlets and include one link to your Marketplace program.

Monthly marketing, branding and growth webinar. Bottom line, we want to see you succeed BIG TIME. But that won’t happen if you don’t know how to market yourself. Join us for our monthly marketing webinar to and become one part coach, one part entrepreneur and one part marketing machine.

Help others and build your brand. More than 30,000 athletes and coaches visit our blog each month because they know they can rely on us for high quality, entertaining and relevant strength and conditioning information provided by industry experts like yourself. On top of that audience, you will have your name featured amongst established coaches and industry experts.

Compete for prizes. Our expert of the month will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Make it in the top 3 each month and receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Link out and build your email list. You’ll get one link in your bio to whatever platform you choose. If people like what you say, they’ll join your email list.

Improve your written and verbal communication skills. You’ll be coached on an individual basis by our Editor in Chief.

Build your portfolio. You are free to link to your article in your professional portfolio or use as general bragging material.

Make the strength & conditioning community a better place. Your content will direct athletes and coaches towards the best information on the web.

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TrainHeroic is a technology company that connects coaches and athletes be their best, and it’s our mission to improve performance outcomes across the board for both the coach and the athlete. Simply put, we’re revolutionizing the Strength & Conditioning industry.

We publish the latest information for coaches and athletes interested in taking their performance to the next level regardless of their chosen sport or activity. Topics include Training, Nutrition, Coaching, Sports Performance, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Nutrition, Business and rant/humor pieces related to the athletic/fitness/coaching lifestyle.

All TrainHeroic content is fresh, educational, inspiring, unique and presents an expert point of view in an approachable manner.

We publish only original pieces of content. Your submissions may not be published elsewhere.

We have a large audience of high school athletes and coaches and your writing must take that into account – so keep it PG-13.

All experts will be thoroughly vetted before publication. If you don’t actually coach in the real world, we’re not interested in partnering with you.

New writers are welcome. You’re welcome to submit your writing even if you have not been published elsewhere.


Want to jump on board?

Email our editor a sample of your writing – – and ask to be placed on the monthly expert contributor email list. We email out topics on the 1st of every month and content will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.


Articles: submit your article in Google Doc format via e-mail:

Podcasts: contact to discuss being a featured guest on our podcast

What To Include With Article Submissions:JPEG image-AC7A07FF6096-1

  • Author Byline: please include your name, or how you would like to be known around these parts.
  • Author Bio: please include a 3 to 5 sentence biography.
  • Social Links: please include one link at minimum: Website, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Headshot: please include a picture of you. Choose something that would make your mother proud.
  • Article Title & Subtitle: Please submit a title that explains your article and a subtitle that explains your article even further. Please don’t submit an article without a title, because chances are you won’t like what we title it.
  • Formatting: On top of being a well though out piece of content, it should also be well edited. Break up your article with paragraphs and use headlines to separate topics. Use bold and italics when needed to add a little bit of voice to the article.
  • Summary: Write a two to three sentence summary. Think Facebook or Twitter post.
  • Pictures & Video: Visual media helps break up big blocks of text which keeps reader more interested. For videos – please submit a YouTube link. For pictures – the larger the better. Shoot both pictures and videos horizontally, not vertically. Duh.
  • We will only accept articles submitted as a Google Doc (everything is in the cloud nowadays!).
  • While we have no set article length the typical article published on TrainHeroic is around 750-2,000 words. Shorter or longer articles will be considered.